curriculum: core elements

Mundo Verde’s curriculum is framed around the unifying mission-specific themes of biliteracy and sustainability.  It emphasizes:
  • The mastery of literacy and language acquisition in both English and Spanish

  • High performance in all subjects including math, science, social science and the arts

  • Support for the development of higher order cognitive and critical thinking skills and deep understanding of complex issues

  • The integration of sustainability-focused content and values across the curriculum

  • Hands on, project-based learning expeditions and learner-centered instruction

  • Preparation for rigorous college-preparatory high schools

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student projects

extended day program

Mundo Verde offers a robust Extended Day Program focused on enrichment. The program includes morning and afternoon school services that incorporate the Responsive Classroom curriculum and are aligned with the school’s mission on sustainability and biliteracy. The morning and afternoon enrichments are implemented with the school staff and select community partners to allow integration with and contribution to the overall school culture with 95% of the enrichments offered in Spanish.