All Mundo Verde students learn to speak, read and write in English and Spanish. Our immersive language program starts at age 3, when children learn languages easily, and continues through 5th grade.

At Mundo Verde we offer two bilingualism models. Grades PreK 3/4 and Kinder are full immersion in Spanish. This means that at least 90% of their instruction, exploration and play time is spent immersed in Spanish. Grades 1st to 5th are dual immersion in English and Spanish. This means that students spend half their time learning in English and half in Spanish. In our dual immersion grades, reading and writing in both languages is integrated into all projects and across all subject matters. Students develop a love of reading and writing through exposure to the wonders and pleasures of literature and through positive, authentic experiences as readers and writers.

Students do not need prior knowledge of Spanish or English to enroll.

Aside from culture building and norm setting, the first six weeks of each school year is dedicated to the evaluation of students’ language and academic levels to ensure differentiated and learner-centered instruction. Students receive intensive vocabulary development in English and Spanish. Over the years, Mundo Verde students become stewards of language equity; developing a love and understanding of Spanish as a language of status, richness and wonder.


student projects

extended day program

Mundo Verde offers a robust Extended Day Program focused on enrichment. The program includes morning and afternoon school services that incorporate the Responsive Classroom curriculum and are aligned with the school’s mission on sustainability and biliteracy. The morning and afternoon enrichments are implemented with the school staff and select community partners to allow integration with and contribution to the overall school culture with 95% of the enrichments offered in Spanish.