Our social curriculum utilizes the Responsive Classroom approach, which is based on the premise that children learn best when they have both academic and social-emotional skills.

The practices incorporated by Responsive Classroom include: morning meeting, collective rule creation, positive teacher language, logical consequences, working with families, and collaborative problem solving.

Watch the video below or see Responsive Classroom for more information. Also, see Overview of the Responsive Classroom Approach to Discipline for an informative look at how it differs from other approaches to discipline. In addition to using Responsive Classroom, all classes also participate in weekly Social Emotional Learning lessons that focus on Mundo Verde's Habits of Community Stewardship.




As members of the Mundo Verde community, we all strive to embody and practice the characteristics of a Community Steward by practicing six community building virtues and values everyday -Empathy, Speak your Truth, Perseverance, Inquiry, Collaboration, and Appreciation. We understand that we matter—our actions, attitudes, and priorities today will leave an imprint on generations to come. We are charged with caring for the world around us so as not to sacrifice the needs of others in the present and in the future.