About MV

In 2011 Mundo Verde opened its doors in commercial space on the 2nd floor of a Dupont Circle office building. With only 122 children, we crowded the tiny start-up space and had to be creative and resourceful to maximize space and make the most of our surroundings, exploring local parks and surrounding neighborhoods.  

From these early beginnings, we learned to adapt and developed an awareness that in not being constrained by walls and spaces, our students and families gained daily contact with nature and the community.

Out of necessity came a belief that became a defining cornerstone: that learning and education should take place well beyond the the traditional walls that are seen as critical givens for schools.

As a response to the growing demand for its unique educational experience, Mundo Verde sought a permanent location that would enable our diverse community of families to establish a sense of place and belonging in the District of Columbia.

More than a school, more than a neighborhood institution, we aimed to become a green demonstration site for sustainability education, a community asset, and a hub for the formation of young global stewards who would carry forth our vision with their actions.