option 1: Duplicate a page

The easiest way to add a new page to the site is to make a duplicate of a page from the same section that the new page is being added into.

1. In the PAGES sidebar, hover over the page you want to copy and click the GEAR icon next to the page name.

2. In the pop-up that opens, select DUPLICATE PAGE button at the bottom of the BASIC tab and then click CONFIRM


3. The new page will appear in the NOT LINKED section of the site. Move it to the section you want it in and put it in the order you want it to appear in the navigation.

4. Click on the GEAR next to the new page to change the page name and url. Click the MEDIA tab at the top to change the main page image. Click the ADVANCED tab if you want to change the page colors (more on that later)


option 2: New Page from Scratch

If you are making a page that doesn’t fit in an existing section or otherwise doesn’t need to be based on a pre-existing page, you can create a new page from scratch. 

1. Click the plus sign next to NOT LINKED in the Pages sidebar

2. Select the kind of page you want to create

3. Name the page and select a layout

4. Click on the GEAR to edit your new page like you did for the duplicate page

5. To change the color of the page from the default green, add this code in the ADVANCED tab and replace the color code (after the #) with the new color: 

  .sqs-col-3 h2, .sqs-col-4 h2 {
    background-color: #a9ce2c;
  h2 { 
    color: #a9ce2c;