about the kitchen

Since it's inception in 2011 healthy, real food has been a deeply rooted passion and commitment at Mundo Verde.  As our community has grown so has our ability to provide food education programming, beautiful gardens spaces, connections to our local food system and an increased focus on our school meals program.  

As part of the vision for our campus, Mundo Verde’s goal is to move towards an on-site commercial-grade self operational kitchen that will allow for the connection between our daily food service and our food education program to flourish. With the revenue from the Gala we will be able to install equipment for a self prep kitchen and demonstration site that will be fully operational for the 2017-2018 school year!

The purpose of the kitchen is to elevate the quality of school meals, use the kitchen as an educational tool to align our already comprehensive cooking and gardening course work to meals and act as a community connector offering evening meals, special events, and workshops.  We hope to create a space where food service professionals can be creative, celebrate the food traditions of our communities, and elevate food in our community and outside the walls of Mundo Verde.

With the allocation of gala funds going towards our kitchen we will be able to purchase the bulk of our food service equipment including two combination ovens, a tilt skillet, a stove top, refrigeration, a hood ventilation system and the necessary small wares that we need to go from a warming kitchen to a living and breathing full scale food operation.  It also serves as an investment into our food program that will eventually become more financially self sufficient with more controlled per meal costs and opportunities to generate income through community programs and dinners.

We are excited about  bringing the smells, sounds, tastes, and learning opportunities of a full service kitchen to the heart or our main building.

Commercial-grade equipment + MV’s wellness + Food education programming + Chef

Combination Ovens: Combination ovens which cook food using traditional oven heat and also introducing steam into the cooking process.  This system will help us steam our vegetables perfectly and create proteins that are better textured and more evenly cooked.  

Tilt Skillet: A tilt skillet will allows to cook food in larger batches such as homemade soups, pasta, greens and many other items. This piece of equipment will help save us time and allow us to cook quickly!

Four burner range: A range is important to finish sauces and glazes for school meals. Furthermore this will be a key piece for programmatic usage particularly for cooking classes and demonstrations to families showcasing the work that can be done using a simple stove top like the ones at most homes.

Grease Hood system: The biggest installation needed to complete our kitchen is ventilation hood system that will regulate the air in the kitchen controlling exhaust and grease up and out so the kitchen, the rest of the building and its occupants remain safe. We will need to hire a general contractor to help install this large piece of equipment and will collaborate with the D.C. Fire Marshall to ensure it is properly installed and sustainable for the future of our kitchen"

Reach-in cooler and Freezer:

Since refrigeration is so crucial to the success of a from scratch kitchen, we will be building out additional space for our refrigeration and freezers in our first floor and basement. This will require tiling the basement and creating additional safe prep space near our coolers.

Small Appliances:  While the large appliances take much of the space and attention, it is the small appliances that will allow for faster and easier prep. Some must-have small appliances include commercial grade blender,  stand mixer,  food processing machine, and immersion blender. These items will also be used by our students and community members during cooking classes we plan to host on-site.

Kitchen basics: Any chef will tell you that you can't cook if you don't have the right tools! Spatulas, cookware (stockpots ,saucepans, and sauté pans), baking sheets, ladles, strainers, mixing bowls, knives and all the pieces that will help us stir, blend and chop delectable meals within our kitchen.