about the kitchen

We are thankful for our community’s support in realizing our long-time dream of having an in-house kitchen. The Mundo Verde kitchen allows us to make balanced and delicious meals daily from scratch. Healthy, real food has been one of our deeply rooted passions and commitments since Mundo Verde’s inception in 2011. Consequently, a commercial grade demonstration kitchen was a central part of our campus vision throughout the design and development process. However, given a tight move-in timeline and funding limitations the kitchen project was delayed. During the time before the kitchen was a reality, Mundo Verde stayed true to its health and wellness focus, and its commitment to real food by serving high-quality school meals from local vendors and focusing on developing a robust food-education programming, beautiful garden spaces, and curriculum connections to our local food system in our expeditions.

The 2017 Gala and our Year-end Campaign in the fall focused on raising funds to support the construction and equipment purchase for Mundo Verde’s kitchen. With strong support from family members, staff, friends, and a combination of private and public grants, we raised the necessary funds and started construction during the winter break. In February 2018, we celebrated the launch of the kitchen and with it a new stage for our food education program. The kitchen effectively elevates the quality of school meals, promotes inclusion and accessibility of healthy fresh food to families, and serves as an educational tool to align our already comprehensive health and wellness programming.

These are the unique ingredients we mixed for our Mundo Verde’s kitchen:
Energy efficient equipment to cook large-scale meals + Unprocessed real ingredients locally sourced (as local as our school garden, and our chicken coop!) + Our kitchen team + Food education programming.

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