Ada Vasquez

Daytime Substitute & Extended Day Wednesday Support

Ada is happy to work with Mundo Verde in the extended day program. She has worked with children in PreK for many years and currently is working with children in first grade. She enjoys to read and likes to explore nature. Ada was born in Texas but was raised in El Salvador.

Ana Gomez

Daytime substitute & 3rd grade extended lead

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Karla Coyuchi

PM Classroom Assistant & kinder extended lead

Karla has worked at Mundo Verde for the last three years and is excited to continue as a Pre-K and K extended associate. She is passionate about working with students, which is something that she has always wanted to do. She also wants to continue learning about sustainability. Karla was born in Veracruz, Mexico. She has been living in the United States for more than 8 years.

Karla Vanegas

Daytime Substitute & 5th grade Extended Day Lead Teacher

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Loidmary Perenguez

Daytime sub and extended day music

Loidmary is very excited to be part of the Mundo Verde family; she has been a music teacher for 13 years, working with young children. She was First Flute in the Youth Symphonic Orchestra of Caracas from 2003 to 2016, a group with whom she had the opportunity to bring music and cultural exchange to countries like Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, France, Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, China, Columbia, and the United States. She enjoys exercising whether running or swimming as well as learning about new cultures and countries. She hails from Venezuela and studied in the National University of Arts (UNEARTE) in Caracas, in the Latin American Academy of Flutes.

Veronica Umanzor

AM Classroom Assistant & Before Care Coordinator

Verónica returns happily to Mundo Verde after having worked in the Extended Day program since the 2016-17 school year. She has worked with children for more than six years. She is from El Salvador. She studied Mechanical Engineering at Universidad Don Bosco. When she came to the United States she studied English as a Second Language at Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School. Verónica has taken Child Development Associate courses. Verónica enjoys reading science and technology articles, especially about the universe.

daytime support

Grade 30 P Street NW 4401 8th Street NE Notes on estimated number of seats available for SY1920
PK-3 32 32 PK3 and PK4 spaces at 30 P Street NW: Historically, a high
number of PK3 seats have been filled by students matched
with sibling enrolled and sibling admitted preference.
Similarly, PK4 seats are regularly filled by students matched
with a preference through a sibling admitted in a higher grade.
PK-4 24 56
Kinder 40 46-92
1st Based on attrition 0-46 Pending Board decision.
2nd Based on attrition NA / 0
3rd-5th Limited / based
on attrition and
NA / 0 3rd5th grade admissions: Although we do not regularly
enroll new 3rd5th grade students, we reserve the right to do
so and regularly admit one or two new students in each grade
/ year.