new student enrollment

Please check your My School DC account to see your child’s lottery results. They are expected to be posted by April 1st.  Round 1 of the My School DC lottery has already occurred. If you did not apply, or were not matched to a school in Round 1, you can still apply in Round 2 of the My School DC lottery. Visit to learn more about Round 2.

If your child is matched with Mundo Verde through the lottery (My School DC), complete these steps by May 2, 2016 to secure their enrollment:

Starting on April 1st, these documents can be presented at Mundo Verde on weekdays between 9am-6pm (on 4/1 9am-5pm)

Additional enrollment paperwork, including the School Meals Application, Extended Day Program registration, DC Universal Health Certificate, Oral Health Certificate, immunization records, end-of-year records and special education records will be due in August before the start of school. 

wait list

No changes will be made to the wait list until after May 2, 2016. You can view your child’s wait list number at any schools you applied to by logging in to your My School DC account. You can also call our front desk at 202-750-7060 to get your child’s wait list number.

The Mundo Verde Admissions team will reach out to the families of children who are offered a spot by phone and email. Families anticipating a spot from the waiting list should be prepared to provide a birth certificate and proof of DC residency in person within 1-3 business days.  If your contact information has changed, please send an email to with your new contact information and the applicant's name.

open houses

There are no Open Houses scheduled at this point in the year. Families matched to Mundo Verde from the waiting list will have an opportunity to visit the school to complete enrollment but not before an offer is made.

more questions?

Please contact us at (202) 750-7060 or with questions.