Adding Events to the Homepage Calendar

1. In the PAGES side menu, select CALENDAR under NOT LINKED

2. Click the PLUS (+) sign in the top right of the side menu to create a new event

3. In the EDIT window, at the bottom is place to add CATEGORIES. If you want the event to appear on the monthly calendar on the homepage, add the 2016-17 SCHOOL CALENDAR category. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 12.12.25 PM.png

4. To add it to the upcoming events list on the homepage, also add the FOR HOMEPAGE category. 

Multi-Day Events

You can’t make an event last more then one day so you have to do a little work around. 

1. Create a NEW EVENT and set it up as listed above. 

2. For the first day of the multi-day event, add the date range after the name of the event in the event title (ex: Winter Break 12/19-1/02)

3. Add both calendar categories to this event (2016-17 SCHOOL CALENDAR, FOR HOMEPAGE)

4. Create an event for every other day of the event but don’t add the date range (ex: Winter Break)

5. Add the 2016-17 SCHOOL CALENDAR  category, but not the FOR HOMEPAGE category. That way only the first listing will show up in the event s list but all will show up on the monthly calendar.